Examination System

  • It is compulsory for the students to appear in the all tests and examinations. The student will not be allowed to take a test earlier or later than the date fixed for it.
  • Student found using unfair means during the examinations and hence declared failed for the academic session.
  • A new report card will be issued on the payment of Rs. 50/-
  • If any student of class - X secures less than 33 % in each subject and 40% marks in aggregate in Pre Board Examinations he / she will be given admission in class XI only after declaration of board result.
  • Provisional admissions to Class XI will be done on the basis of pre board examination.

The Academic session consists of two terms, the first term is from April to September 2014. Each term will have formative/ internal assessment and summative assessment.

Summative Assessment will be conducted as per the given schedule :
  • Summative Assessment I - In the month of September 2014
  • Summative Assessment II - In the month of March 2015

F.A. will be considered for the 40% assessment at the end of the session. This is in keeping with the CBSE guidelines which stress on continuous and comprehensive evaluation ( CCE). During the academic year norms for FA are :

  • FA is compulsory for all students.
  • FA is as important as Summative Assessment and it is mandatory for all students to appear for the same.
  • Zero mark will be awarded in FA for any absenteeism except the following exemption granted cases.
  • Late admissions
  • Students deputed by the school to participate in any activities.
  • Student who has genuine medical problem for which medical certificate is to be submitted.