TRANSPORT FACILITY AND DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE Transport facility is available for all the students from Nursery to Class XII.

Our bus routes cater to students' needs from every part of the city. For a safe journey to school, the following rules are to be followed by the students. Any student, if found guilty, is liable to be debarred from travelling by the school bus.
The following code of conduct should be observed by one and all :

  1. Observe discipline in the bus.
  2. Do not run to board the bus but walk in a queue.
  3. Do not board on or alight from a moving bus, for it is dangerous.
  4. Do not push each other when you board on or alight from the bus.
  5. Do not stretch your head or hands out of the bus.
  6. Co-operate with the staff on duty abide by the instructions given by them from time to time.
  7. Never stand in front or behind a stationary bus.
  8. No students will be allowed to travel by school bus without an identity card.
  9. The buses will not wait for late comers.
  10. The children should remain away from the road until the bus arrives at his/her step.
  11. Students should refrain from leaving their seats unless the bus comes to halt.
  12. No Student is allowed to reserve any seat for friends by putting his/her b a g o n that seat.
  13. Students must not use profane or indecent language in the bus.
  14. Do not do anything which distracts the driver's attention.
  15. Problem if any. must be conveyed to the I/C transport. Parents/Guardians are expected not to enter into any argument with the bus driver or the conductor. Any problem or suggestion, regarding transport should be b r o u g h t to the notice of the Principal or transport incharge in the school.
  16. The school reserves the right to cancel any route stoppage or even refuse to provide van facility.
  17. If anyone wants to avail van facility in the mid of the session, Rs. 250/- will be charged extra in that month and if anyone wants to discontinue van facility, one month prior notice is required.

The parents can locate the status of school bus on internet through GPS TRACKING SYSTEM by following the procedure as under :-

  • Log into website load
  • Select your operating system out of given list.
  • Download "*mis" file.
  • Install and open the downloaded "MSI" file.
  • Enter login Id and password.

Login ID - Green 1
Password - School 1

In case of non-availablilty of internet, you can simply call on Toll Free Number 18001030777 at call centre and know the location of the school bus.


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