School Uniform

Every student should come to school in the prescribed uniform :

  • I-cards are compulsory.
  • Belt : Red with stripes (whole session)
  • Black shoes
  • White shoes (On Wednesday & Saturday)
  • Green Turban for Sikh students and white on Wednesday & Saturday

Summer Uniform (April to 31st October)
Girls Boys
White Half Sleeves Shirt White Half Sleeves Shirt
Grey Check divider with back straps(Pre Nur to K.G.) Grey Check Shorts(Pre Nur to V)
Grey Check divider (I & X) Grey Check trouser (VI to XII)
XI-XII Grey shirt & white salwar and dupatta
Winter Uniform (1st Nov. - March)
Girls Boys
White Full sleeves shirt White full Sleeves Shirt
Grey Wrosted divider with back straps, Jacket Cardigan-Green (Pre Nur to K.G.) Grey wrosted Trouser (Pre-Nur to XII)
Grey Wrosted dividers (I & X) Tie, Blazer, Cardigan- Green (I to XII) Green Cardigan-Tie and Jackets (Pre-Nur. to K.G.)
Grey woollen socks/leggings Green Cardigan-Tie and blazer (I to XII)
Tie (Pre.Nur.-V) Ready to wear Grey woollen socks (Pre-Nur. to XII)
Tie (VI-X) Knotted X
XI-XII Grey check shirt & white salwar and dupatta
    Note :
  • Girls are not allowed to wear trousers in winters.
  • On Wednesdays & Saturdays : White Shorts/trousers/tunic, skirts, House-T-shirt, White shoes.
  • During winter House T- Shirt is exempted, rest is same.
  • Specially designed School Uniform is available only at the school counter.